About Me

Brad-HeadshotI earned my Master of Divinity degree from Drew Theological School in 1980. After spending many years in ministry, I decided to go back to school for my doctorate. In 2006, I graduated with my doctorate in Pastoral Care and Counseling with an emphasis in multicultural/multiracial congregations.

As a pastor, I’ve served at Mount Fern United Methodist Church in Randolf, NJ; Trinity United Methodist Church in Ewing, NJ; Morristown United Methodist Church; and Pearl River United Methodist Church. I also worked as Executive Minister at Middle Collegiate Church in New York City; as the Manager of Leader and Teacher Development for the General Board of Discipleship in Nashville; as president of the Christian Educators Fellowship Board of Directors; and as the international trainer for Disciple Bible Study. Currently I serve as the senior pastor at Morrow Memorial United Methodist Church in Maplewood, NJ.

I have a unique passion for creating experiences in which people can grow in faith, fellowship, and understanding of each other. Everything we do teaches us something, even if we do not know it.


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